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Transparent Utopia Gallery Wall paintings by Sadie Rose

15+ Years in
Creative Arts

About Sadie

My name is Sadie Rose, and I am the visionary behind Transparent Utopia, an art enterprise that delves into the realms of creativity, imagination, and expression. Primarily a painter, I am a versatile artist who is unafraid to explore a wide array of artistic avenues. My focus centers on the creation and dissemination of fine art, with aspirations of joining the ranks of artistic luminaries like Andy Warhol.

Within my journey, I have embraced various artistic forms, drawing inspiration from the world around me. While my roots lie in painting, I often venture into other artistic mediums, seeking to unravel the possibilities that lie within each stroke and creation. The core of my enterprise revolves around crafting and offering fine art pieces that encapsulate a vibrant and surreal essence. This journey has led me to work with esteemed partners, such as Netflix, where I was commissioned to paint a mural for their novel culinary venture, Netflix Bites.

Collaborating with Daniel Fine Art Services, an esteemed arts consulting firm, has afforded me the opportunity to extend my artistic footprint into the hospitality industry. My creations have found their way into the heart of establishments like the Cosmopolitan, the Palms, and the Palms Spa along the iconic Las Vegas strip, adorning private hotel spaces with my distinctive blend of color and creativity.

My artistic tapestry defies constraints, manifesting through a playful and vivid palette that seamlessly shifts between surrealism, detailed realism, pop art, and minimalism. Every creation is a testament to my fluidity in style and medium, a testament to my boundless exploration.

I am not just an artist, but a content creator as well. With each masterpiece, I craft videos that provide a glimpse into my artistic process, inviting viewers to accompany me on my journey of creation. This multimedia approach serves as a bridge between the art and its audience, fostering a deeper connection and understanding of my artistic intent.

My academic journey commenced at Calarts, culminating in a BFA in 2014. Following this, I ventured into the realm of fashion, collaborating with a prestigious clothing company to infuse my art into haute couture fabrics. These artistic partnerships saw my paintings come to life, their vibrant colors and unique narratives adorning the high-end world of women’s wear.

In 2019, I embarked on a new chapter by establishing a gallery, only to face its closure in the wake of the pandemic’s challenges. Despite this setback, my passion for creation remains unshaken, driving me to continue pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and innovation.

In essence, Transparent Utopia is a manifestation of my artistic odyssey, a dynamic journey that defies convention and embraces the limitless possibilities of creation. Through my work, I aspire to leave an indelible mark on the artistic landscape, capturing the essence of life’s vividness and inviting viewers to join me in exploring the boundless dimensions of imagination.


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2019 Grand Opening, Transparent Utopia, Laguna Beach, CA

2018 Bam Bam Cabaret, Artist Run Pop-up Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 

2017 [Un]Refined, The Studio Shop Gallery, Burlingame, CA

2017 Poler Laguna Community Art Show, Laguna Beach, CA 

2016 Consignment Exhibition, Laguna Foundation for the Arts, Laguna Beach,


2014 BFA Thesis Exhibition, California Institute of the Arts 

2013 You’re Not Welcome, The Inn Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 

2013 Mid-Residency Exhibition, California Institute of the Arts 

2013 Home, Blast Consignment, Laguna Beach, CA 

2009 Harms and Hazards, Trash Pretty & Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

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